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To produce high quality translations a translator needs to have native-level familiarity with the target language and excellent writing skills, as well as in-depth understanding of the source language and culture. I am one of the few professional Polish translators in this country who were brought up in Britain by Polish parents and educated here. I therefore have both the requisite understanding of Polish and the ability to convey and express it in natural sounding British English.

My familiarity with the sound and the nuances of the English language is combined with the precision and rigour learnt from reading Modern Languages at Cambridge. I have invested in developing my skills in order to give the best possible service to my clients. My aim is always to provide a very high quality translation.

I am able to translate a wide variety of texts, but I have focused on the following areas:

Polish to English translation

LITERATURE - I studied literary translation and I enjoy translating contemporary Polish fiction including children’s books. I regularly translate excerpts for the Polish Book Institute’s publications.

translation from Polish into Englishtranslation from Polish into Englishtranslation from Polish into English

CURRENT AFFAIRS - e.g. magazine articles, reportage, Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs annual report.

CULTURE - e.g. the history and development of Polish design, texts for the Polish Cultural Institute, museum display boards.

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NB - Please do NOT contact me with requests to translate certificates or diplomas, as I do not do that type of work.

literary translation from Polish into English
literary translation from Polish into English